What is Tabello?

What is TABELLO®?

Career, friends, adventure, money - it's easier to achieve all these when you speak foreign languages! Are you intent on acquiring a foreign language? If so, then we have the answer: TABELLO. Believe in yourself and strive to achieve your goal. TABELLO will be your patient, constant partner. More about TABELLO®
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What makes TABELLO different?

What makes TABELLO different?

Do you think that wasting time is an inevitable part of learning a language? Do you like to spend hours looking up words in a dictionary? Did your teacher ever get tired of correcting your pronunciation time after time? Has anyone ever taken your personal learning method into account? ...more
English language lessons for youngsters

English language lessons for youngsters

We upgraded the TEAM coursebooks into talking picture books. Four books, 9 lessons per book, more than 2000 sentences written, audio and pictures. In 6 schools this is the digital coursebook. ...more
„My grandpa invented TABELLO. When I was in fifth grade, I was learning English too fast with TABELLO. My teacher told my parents I should slow down. So then I started to learn French. It's great I have such a smart grandpa.” – Balazs Kurti, age 12

„At our school, we teach English with TABELLO. It took just seven months to teach the entire year's material. The students' pronunciation is no different, or barely different, from American English.” – Dr. Emese K. Nagy, school principal, Hejokeresztur, Hungary
„I enjoy TABELLO. I can repeat the sentences as many times as I want, so I really learn them. I can check my progress and correct myself. It doesn't matter if I don't understand a word here and there, because it's right there in my native language.” – Klara Demjen, mentor, Budapest

„We're developing the students' correct speaking ability. First we compare their intonation to that of the native speaker. We'll map out the intonation of each.” – David Sztaho and Peter Wiesner of Budapest Technical University, Miklos Sagi, Portalsoft